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    • Opportunity to Earn High Returns on Investment with Principal Protection

      i2i is a peer to peer lending (P2P lending) market place which for the FIRST TIME provides the investors an opportunity to lend to retail borrowers at an interest rates up to 30%, thereby earning high returns on investments, earlier available to banks, NBFCs etc. This is coupled with Principal protection to provide additional security on your investment. Investors now have a choice to decide the level of protection for them depending upon their risk appetite and protection they want on their investment. At the time of investment itself, investors can select the extent of protection they want to take. Principal Protection Options across all risk categories currently availableto investors are;


      Principal Protection
      Principal Protection
      Principal Protection
      Principal Protection
      No Protection


      i2i has an in-house underwriting team which assesses the credit risk of each borrower using i2i’s proprietary Credit Score Model based on 50+ parameters apart from CIBIL Score (or other such credit score). It assigns an i2i Risk Category from A – F to each of the loans, A being the category with the strongest credit profile and F being the weakest. Along with risk category, i2i also recommends an interest rate (i2i Recommended Interest Rate) for each loan. A borrower can borrow at an interest rate which is higher than or equal to this rate. Higher the borrower's interest rate above i2i Recommended Interest Rate, higher is the 'risk adjusted return' for the investors. Please note that an investor should invest in multiple loan projects to mitigate risks associated with a single loan. "More diversified is the portfolio, lower is overall risks and investors have better chances to make high returns".

    • Loans are Posted After Thorough Credit Assessment

      i2i takes care of the tedious and complex task of controlling and assessing the credit quality of loans. Each loan undergoes a thorough selection process by i2i's in-house team. Additionally, the team assesses the loans based on several parameters including credit bureau report (such as CIBIL) using i2i's Credit Score Model and also conducts physical verification etc. so that an investor gets a diverse yet robust set of loan projects. This makes investing at i2i easy and safe while helping the investors make high returns. 

    • Online Process for Quick, Transparent and Seamless User Experience

      i2i is a leading P2P lending platform, an alternate mode of investment and financing, which is much faster and efficient than prevalent legacy systems. It provides seamless user experience in terms of ease of transaction, ability to view and download detailed account statements, transaction analysis and many more features. As an investor you can lend to a borrower in a few simple steps. 

    • Opportunity to Build Diversified Portfolio Yielding High Returns

      i2i diligently continues to bring multiple loans and assigns risk category and recommends interest rate. The idea is to provide the investors quick benchmarks to compare the loan projects so that they can easily and rapidly build their loan portfolios.

      Out tip to investors is to lend as per risk appetite. We also suggest our investors to lend to multiple loans to build a sustainable, diversified and high return portfolio. Though we encourage the investors to take independent decisions, in case of any query, we are happy to help.

    • Transparent and Secure

      At i2i, we are cognizant of your privacy and confidentiality requirements and hence, we have put in place strong safety standards to keep your data protected and confidential at all times.

      In addition, i2i does not have any hidden fees and strictly follows the fee schedule as presented on the website.

    • Investor's Testimonial

      • Mr. Ranganathan

        I have been associated with I2I funding for the past three months. It has been a pleasure working with the I2I team till now. The response for each and every doubt or clarification i have had till now has been cleared by the team immediately. The borrower's quality also seems to be good. As a whole, it has been a pleasant experience so far.

      • A Bansal

        I have been with i2ifunding for over 6 months now & have personally lent as well. I found the team to be always approachable, flexible & all functions to be very integrated. My experience has been smooth & would surely recommend to others to invest or borrow. This platform is a must try as per your risk appetite. Cheers !!!

      • Anand Mundra

        When I started investing with i2i, I was pleasantly surprised by their pro-active customer service and transparency. It’s processes make it seamless and hassle free to invest and gets us high returns on our investments. i2i is one of best Peer to Peer lending platforms and I will recommend this as one of the good investment platforms.

      • Capt. Deepanshu Garg

        I was introduced to i2i by a friend. Initially, I was skeptic, but when I started getting EMIs back every month, my trust in Peer to peer lending and i2i increased. Now, instead of investing in much riskier options like mutual funds and stock markets, I am investing significantly on i2i and earning 20-22% of average returns on my investments.

      • Suruchi Singh

        In turbulent times at stock market and with gold prices coming down, investing at i2i seems best options. Team is extremely supportive and professional. They work towards bringing creditworthy borrowers and leave no stone unturned to avoid default. They are very transparent in displaying the detailed information of borrowers.

      • Naveen Gupta

        I had a very pleasant experience of doing investment on i2i. i2i team was very professional and they resolved all my queries very patiently. They are very transparent in displaying the information about borrowers and assign a risk category to each borrower on which you can blindly trust. A very good investment option to earn higher returns.

      • Umesh Chand

        I was looking to invest around Rs. 1 lakh in investment products where I can get good returns. I came to know about i2i through newspapers. As soon as I registered as investor, someone from i2i called me and explained the complete process in detail. Investment process is very easy and anyone can do it. I am very happy with overall experience.

      • Avinash Omer

        Investing on i2ifunding is very fast and hassle free. It has intuitive and easy to use online process which anyone can use. Based on suggestion of i2i I have invested into multiple borrowers to diversify my risk and earn higher returns. I can say with confidence that i2i must be part of your investment portfolio and you should give it a try.

      • Girish Sahni

        I will recommend i2ifunding to all those who are looking for good returns on their investment at considerably reduced risks. Their credit evaluation process seems to cover lot of parameters which helps in thoroughly evaluating the risk associated. On top of that they have Principal protection in place as well along with recovery support.

  • Create an Investor Account

    • Eligibility criteria
    • Listing fees
    • Fill your 'Wallet'
    • Code of Conduct

    Build Portfolio

    • Browse & fund select loan projects
    • Invest as little as INR 5,000
    • Diversify portfolio - diversify risks

    Documentation & Funding

    • Sign legally binding agreements with the borrowers
    • Transfer funds to Nodal Escrow account for disbursal


    • Enjoy cashflows as per the repayment schedule for each loan - keep or re-invest
    1Create an Investor Account

    To start lending, individuals meeting our eligibility criteria should first create an Investor Account by filling in a simple online form. They also need to submit the scan of self-attested copies of requisite documents and pay a onetime fee of Rs. 500 (five hundred only).

    Post successful registration, an investor has a Wallet of Rs. 50,000 to start investing which he / she can increase with an additional fee of Rs. 10 for each Rs. 1,000.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Following are the key requirements to be fulfilled to become an investor at i2i:

    Key Requirements
    1. Indian resident
    2. At least 21 years of age
    3. Have a valid bank account in India
    4. Have a valid PAN Number
    5. Not more than 30% of gross income should be derived from lending to individual borrowers

    Documents Required

    i2i at all times endeavors to maintain the highest standards of integrity and to abide by the law of land in both letter and spirit. Therefore, we request you to submit the following documents to complete our KYC process.

    1. PAN Card*  
    2. Photographs 2 copies
    3. Permanent Address* (i) Passport; (ii) Voter ID; (iii) Adhaar Card; (iv) Driving License
    4. Current Address (i) Utility bills - Electricity, gas, mobile, landline, internet; (ii) Bank A/C Statement
    5. Income Statement Last 1 year salary slip

    * Mandatory documents

    Fee for Creating an Investor Account

    We at i2i encourage committed investors and hence, have levied a minimal fee of Rs. 500 on each investor. This comes with an attractive wallet of Rs. 50,000 i.e. no additional fees to be paid for first Rs. 50,000 investment.

    Increase your 'Wallet'

    i2i provides investors with a Wallet from which an investor can commit to lend to a loan. For example, if an investor has Rs. 1,00,000 in his / her Wallet, he / she can commit to lend to multiple loan projects, all aggregating to Rs. 1,00,000. Once, the investor has committed Rs. 75,000, for an instance, Wallet will be reduced by this amount and the investor will have ability to further commit Rs. 25,000 only.

    Post successful registration, an investor has a Wallet of Rs. 50,000 which can be increased with an additional fee of Rs. 10 for each Rs. 1,000. Wallet can be increased in multiple of Rs. 1000 only.

    Other Guidelines

    - The investors are strongly advised to deal recoveries through i2i’s approved agents only

    - It will be the sole responsibility of the investors to adhere to all laws of the land including laws pertaining to income tax

    - Investors are required to contact helpdesk / respective relationship managers for any query, cancellation etc.

    Register Now     and post you requirement. Happy Growing!

    2Build Portfolio

    To start lending, an investor simply needs to browse the 'Borrowers' List', select loans as per investment requirement and then make commitment to lend to those loans. Following successful submission, committed amount will be deducted from the Wallet. Once an investor commits to a loan, he / she can access borrower's other key information documents. Please note that commitment once made can't be reversed without prior approval from i2i. However, in case of any discrepancy, an investor can report to i2i and withdraw the amount committed to that loan by contacting i2i.

    Browse and Fund Loan Portfolio

    - Browse the loans currently listed on the site
    - Commit to invest in loan project of your choice

    Invest as Little as INR 5,000

    Each investor is important to us. Therefore, i2i provides a platform where one can invest as per their requirements and risk appetite.

    An investor may start investing with as low as Rs. 5,000 - an amount less than what he / she may spend on a one day holiday outing!

    Diversify Portfolio - Diversify Risks - Make High Returns

    At i2i, we believe, portfolio diversification is as important as investing - remember the adage 'Not to put all eggs in one basket'. Therefore, we advise investors to lend to multiple loans to mitigate risks associated with a single loan. For example, rather than investing Rs. 50,000 in one loan, one should invest Rs. 10,000 each in 5 select loans.

    Hence, Based on Your Risk Appetite Invest in Either :

    Multiple loans in one risk category, Or

    Multiple loans in multiple risk category

    3Documentation & Funding

    Once a loan is closed, i2i may conduct physical verification to verify the uploaded documents against the originals provided by the borrower. Post successful verification, legally binding agreements will be signed between the investors and the borrower. The investors will also be provided with a copy of scan of PDCs submitted by the borrower.

    Once the Loan Agreement has been signed, The investor needs to transfer the committed amount to the Nodal Escrow account for disbursal. In case an investor fails to honor this commitment, i2i will impose severe penalty which includes cancellation of registration and barring the investor from doing new transactions.

    Sign Legally Binding Agreements with the Borrowers

    At i2i, we take due care of your investment and endeavor to ensure compliance through legally binding agreements which have been drafted by eminent lawyers. These agreements are on one to one basis between the borrower and the investor and legally binding on both of them. The agreements clearly outline the terms and conditions of investment so that each party clearly understands his / her responsibilities.

    Transfer Funds

    Once the Loan Agreement has been signed and PDCs have been submitted by the borrower to i2i, investors need to transfer funds to the Nodal Escrow account (Non-interest bearing) to discharge his/her commitment. Money from Nodal Escrow account is transferred to the borrower’s bank account on next working day.

    Investors will have to add Nodal Escrow account as beneficiary in their net banking only once. They can make disbursal to borrowers only through this account. Investors can transfer funds through any of the following modes from an Indian bank – NEFT, RTGS or IMPS. Investors have the option to pre fund their Nodal Escrow account (Non-interest bearing) to ensure fast and hassle free disbursal to selected borrowers.

    Disbursal to borrowers from Nodal Escrow account will be done, only after Investor has approved and authenticated the disbursement request.

    4Monthly Cashflows

    Every month EMI/Due amount is auto deducted from ​ Borrower's​ Bank Account as per schedule mentioned in the loan agreement ​ to Repayment Nodal Escrow Account​ of RNVP Technology through NACH mandate​ . ​ ​Borrower ​ can also transfer the EMI/Due amount​​ to Repayment Nodal Escrow Account​ directly.

    Total repayment amount (EMIs and pending dues) collected from borrowers in Repayment Nodal Escrow Account is transferred to respective investors’ bank account every month on first working day after 10th. Subsequent collections done after 10th are transferred to investors’ bank account on 1st working day after 15th, 20th and 25th.

    A borrower can ​also ​ make re​ payment to investors ​directly ​ by cheque, NEFT, demand draft or any other mode of payment as mentioned in the Loan Agreement.​

    A borrower can also make additional payment (prepayment) if he / she so desires.

    An Investor can either choose to re-invest the amount or keep it.

    Happy and smart investing!!


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