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Securing personal loans has never been easier. You can apply for a personal loan on our platform within 10 minutes and get money in your bank account in a few days. i2iFunding is a leading peer to peer lending (P2P Lending) platform in India, and it commands leadership in providing tailored personal loans to its customers with best-in-class customer service. We have been consistently ranked as one of the best P2P lending platforms on multiple parameters, customer service being one of them.

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  • Simple Online Process

    Apply for loans online in few easy steps and get money directly credited to your bank account

  • Low Interest Rates

    Get customized personal loans at interest rates lower than those ofall other alternative sources available

  • Fast Disbursal

    Guaranteed fast funding from verified investors spread across India

  • No Prepayment Penalty

    Pre-pay loan amount as and when you want to, without worrying about any penalty

  • Hassle Free Online Application Process

    Our entire loan application process is simple and intuitive, and indeed can be completed in a few clicks! Even the borrowers who fail to secure bank loans, due to alow CIBIL score, stand an excellent chance to get a personal loan at our platform. We go beyond the CIBIL score and do credit evaluation painstakingly.

    You can apply for loans online in just a few easy steps-

    • Fill up simple online loan form to provide information about yourself
    • Upload required documents mentioned in the application process

    The form has been designed in such a way that data request is minimal and depends on the profile of borrower. Also, our customer care representatives are available on chat as well as on the phone to help you in every possible way.

    Once you submit the loan application, we do all the work for you. We rigorously analyze the creditworthiness of the borrowers. Unlike in the case of banks, our digital credit evaluation also saves you from the dangers of loan rejection due to human error or misjudgment. Finally, the successful applicants get money directly into their account. No need to run from pillar to post to secure a personal loan.

    Our goal is to give borrowers a seamless experience similar to what they get with pizza delivery or hailing cab services.

  • Low Interest Rates

    We facilitate customized online loans at unheard of interest rates. Question is how do we do this? Again, the answer is our digital process. Instead of relying on the services of highly-paid employees who can still make errors, we employ machines to manage our processes digitally. This costs us almost nothing. For instance, overhead costs pertaining to employees and high rentals increase the interest rate by 3%-5%. Why should borrowers pay high interest rate when alternative cheaper sources are available? That is what motivated us to start P2P lending in India in the first place, and we think we have been successful in our endeavour to a certain extent.

    We go beyond the normal practice and provide easy loans at interest rates appropriate to the creditworthiness of the borrowers. This is a complete departure from the traditional practice banks and NBFCs follow where interest rate is same for everyone. We compute interest rates based on complex rules which consider thousands of data points for decision making. Each borrower is then categorized as A, B, C, D, E or F depending on his creditworthiness and interest rate is also assigned accordingly. Hence, we help the borrowers benefit from their credit profiles built over years of hard work and discipline.

    • A
      12.00% - 14.99%
    • B
      15.00% - 17.49%
    • C
      17.50% - 19.99%
    • D
      20.00% - 22.49%
    • E
      22.50% - 24.99%
    • F
      25.00% - 36.00%
  • Fast Disbursal of Loan Amount

    All the loans listed till date at i2i have been funded. We have many investors looking to lend to borrowers. Most of the times, loans get funded within hours. Our strong customer-centric approach has helped us build strong partnerships with our investors.

    Once the loan is approved, and the application is listed on the website for disbursal, it receives funding commitments from multiple investors. Typically, 5-10 investors participate in every lakh Rupees raised at our platform. The investors transfer money to the Escrow Account that we maintain to facilitate the fund transfers. This account is monitored by a SEBI-approved Trustee. From this account the money is transferred to the borrower’s account directly. The entire process is digital and seamless.

  • No Prepayment Penalty

    A prepayment penalty is one of the trickiest aspects of bank loans. It’s a well-knownfact that when one borrows money from banks or NBFCs, especially unsecured personal loans, there is a substantial pre-payment penalty. At i2iFunding,you won’t face this trouble. One can prepay the very next day without any prepayment penalty.

    And that’s not all. At i2i, the borrowers can simply prepay their loans at their own convenience and as many times as they want to, without any charge. They just need to contact i2i and choose one of the various options and proceed to prepay. The revised online account statement will be available as soon as the process is complete.

  • Most Transparent and Secure P2P Lending platform

    i2iFunding is one of the most transparent and secure P2P lending platforms in India. It’s always been fair and transparent with borrowers. It communicates about the applicable interest rate, processing fees and penalties unambiguously. It doesn’t charge any hidden fee. All charges and penalties are correctly mentioned on the website under appropriate sections.

    i2i cares for privacy and confidentiality of your data. And thus it has put in place strong safety and security protocols to keep your data safe and confidential at all times.

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I was in need of fund urgently for medical treatment of my mother and was not getting any positive and quick assistance from any financial institution. One of my office colleague referred me to i2i and I am thankful to them that without any hassle, the required fund was arranged and transferred to me within 5 days. Thanks you i2i for helping me out.

Online Personal Loan Borrower
Santanu Chakrabarti Team Leader at Aptara


After having some problems and loss of trust in the financial companies, one of my friend advised me to try i2i. They supported me by funding quickly. Those who are facing financial crisis, I would suggest them to go to i2i without any second thought. I wish i2i to achieve success and create history in the funding domain.

Online Personal Loan Borrower
Vinoth Govindarajan Senior Analyst at WNS


I will recommend i2i to all those who are in need of money. Based on my experience, overall process of borrowing money from i2i is absolutely simple and quick. With their fast and easy online processing, I completed my application without any headache of physically visiting any branch and filling complex application forms.

Online Personal Loan Borrower
Jaspal Singh Content Writer


The service provided by i2i funding was impressive during complete personal loan process. Overall process was very smooth and I did not have to negotiate with multiple investors as they have fixed interest rate. I got clear information about the rates and charges applied in the loan. i2i is the best P2P platform and I would recommend it to all.

Online Personal Loan Borrower
Pankaj Nanda Accountant


Recently I had an emergency and needed to get quick help I went to their website which was clear and informative, filled out the quick and easy application and their representative were courteous, quick, and very helpful. In no time at all I had the Money in my account. Thank you I2I funding for being there.

Online Personal Loan Borrower
Dr. Tushar Mahadik Resident Doctor