i2ifunding is a Leading Peer to Peer Lending Platform in India

P2P Lending provides alternative investment option to Investors and affordable P2P loans to Borrowers

Personal Loan at Interest Rates Starting from 12%

Borrowers can get P2P loans at attractive interest rates as we go beyond CIBIL and assess their profile based on 40+ parameters using our proprietary credit score model.

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Borrow Easily, Invest Safely

High Returns for Investors upto 30% with Principal Protection

On our platform, investors can directly lend money to real people and earn high returns with principal protection in easy, secure and seamless manner, earlier only available to banks / NBFCs.

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Member ID Purpose Loan Amt. Amt. Left Interest Rate Tenure Location Risk Category Time Left Invest Follow Message
i2i- #2738 Business Expansion 3,00,000 3,00,000 26.00% 18 months Mumbai F (+0%)20 daysFollow
i2i- #2425 Business Expansion 2,50,000 2,50,000 28.25% 18 months Ghaziabad F (+0%)35 daysFollow
i2i- #2783 Relative's Marriage 1,00,000 80,000 24.50% 12 months Gautam Buddha Nagar E (+0%)10 daysFollow
i2i- #2771 Relative's Marriage 1,50,000 1,20,000 22.00% 24 months North West Delhi D (+0%)17 daysFollow
i2i- #2576 House Renovation 3,00,000 2,60,000 22.00% 24 months North West Delhi D (+0%)35 daysFollow
i2i- #2563 Business Expansion 2,00,000 75,000 27.00% 18 months Raigarh(MH) F (+0%)12 daysFollow
i2i- #2506 House Renovation 2,00,000 1,65,000 23.00% 24 months West Delhi E (+0%)20 daysFollow
i2i- #2443 House Renovation 2,00,000 15,000 24.00% 24 months South West Delhi C (+4%)20 daysFollow
i2i- #2181 Personal Loan Consolidation 1,50,000 30,000 21.25% 36 months South West Delhi D (+0%)8 daysFollow
i2i- #1950 Supporting agriculture expenses 3,00,000 0 22.00% 24 months Bangalore C (+4%)NAFollow
i2i- #2507 Personal Loan Consolidation 1,00,000 0 27.00% 24 months Bangalore E (+2.5%)NAFollow

How It Works

Hassle Free and Smarter Way for Investors to Earn High Returns

  • 1

    Create Investor Account in Minutes

    Post registration; open an investor account by filling a simple online form and uploading your Pan Card copy and address proof to adhere to KYC criteria as set by the RBI. Your wallet will be credited with notional money of Rs. 50,000 after registration.

  • 2

    Review Pre-verified Loan Projects

    Once registered you can review different P2P loans requested by borrowers. i2i has already assessed these loans using its proprietary credit score model and recommends interest rate and assigns risk category to each of the loans to make your investment decision simple.

  • 3

    Invest in P2P Loans of Your Preference

    Select and fund the loan projects as per your preference using money available in your wallet. You can start investment from just Rs. 5,000, however, you can fund maximum up to 20% of loan amount requested by Borrower. You will have to recharge you wallet for investments after Rs. 50,000.

  • 4

    Physical Verification and Documentation

    Post a loan has been accepted by Borrower, i2i conducts physical verification of the borrower. On successful completion of physical verification, the borrower signs a legal agreement and provides undated cheques equal to EMI amount for each investor. i2i sends the digital copy of these documents to all the investors.

  • 5

    Transfer Funds and Receive Payments from Next Month

    Once all legal formalities have been completed, investors need to transfer funds directly into borrower's bank accounts. You will start receiving monthly repayments in your bank account from next month onwards.

  • 6

    Build Portfolio and Grow Your Money

    Invest small amounts in multiple loans available on our portal as per your risk appetite and build diversified portfolio to earn high returns on your investments. Our user friendly and easy to use "My Account" section gives you complete control and transparent view of all your investments.

Why Invest at i2i

  • High Returns

    i2i is best peer-to-peer lending platform in India which provides investors opportunity to invest as per their preference and earn returns up to 30%.

  • Principal Protection

    i2ifunding is India's only P2P Lending platform which provides comprehensive protection plan to its investors along with legal support for recovery.

  • High Quality P2P Loan Projects

    Each loan project undergoes thorough a very stringent credit analysis including CIBIL check and physical verification so that diverse yet robust set of loan projects are listed.

  • Hassle Free, Transparent and Secure

    At i2i, we have put in place one of the highest data security and safety standards to keep your data protected and confidential at all times.

Why Borrow at i2i

  • Low Interest Rates

    Borrowers can get P2P loans at attractive interest rates as we go beyond CIBIL and assess their profile based on 40+ parameters using our proprietary credit score model.

  • Quick and Hassle Free

    i2i provides seamless user experience in terms of ease of transaction, ability to view detailed account statements, transaction analysis and many more features.

  • No Prepayment Penalty

    At i2i, the Borrowers can simply prepay their loans at their own convenience without any charges whatsoever and as many times as they wish.

  • Funding in a Few Days

    We have large pool of investors who are looking to invest in individual projects approved by i2i. Once your loan project is listed on i2i, it gets funded within few days.

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What our Customers think of Us

  • Investor

    When I started investing with i2i, I was pleasantly surprised by their pro-active customer service and transparency. It’s processes make it seamless and hassle free to invest and gets us high returns on our investments. I will recommend this as one of the good investment platforms offering convenience coupled with good returns.

    Anand Mundra
    Director, Fairwinds Private Equity
  • Investor

    I was introduced to i2i by a friend. Initially, I was skeptic, but when I started getting EMIs back every month, my trust in i2i increased. Now, instead of investing in much riskier options like mutual funds and stock markets, I am investing significantly on i2i and earning 20-22% of average returns on my investments.

    Capt. Deepanshu Garg
    Master Mariner
  • Investor

    In turbulent times at stock market and with gold prices coming down, investing at i2i seems best options. Team is extremely supportive and professional. They work towards bringing creditworthy borrowers and leave no stone unturned to avoid default. They are very transparent in displaying the detailed information of borrowers.

    Suruchi Singh
    Credit Policy Head at Axis Bank
  • Investor

    I will recommend i2ifunding to all those who are looking for good returns on their investment at considerably reduced risks. Their credit evaluation process seems to cover lot of parameters which helps in thoroughly evaluating the risk associated. On top of that they have Principal protection in place as well along with recovery support.

    Girish Sahni
    Marketing Director
  • Investor

    Investing on i2ifunding is very fast and hassle free. It has intuitive and easy to use online process which anyone can use. Based on suggestion of i2i I have invested into multiple borrowers to diversify my risk and earn higher returns. I can say with confidence that i2i must be part of your investment portfolio and you should give it a try.

    Avinash Omer
    Commercial Operator at Maersk
  • Borrower

    I was in need of fund urgently for medical treatment of my mother and was not getting any positive and quick assistance from any financial institution. One of my office colleague referred me to i2i and I am thankful to them that without any hassle, the required fund was arranged and transferred to me within 5 days. Thanks you i2i for helping me out.

    Santanu Chakrabarti
    Team Leader at Aptara
  • Borrower

    After having some problems and loss of trust in the financial companies, one of my friend advised me to try i2i. They supported me by funding quickly. Those who are facing financial crisis, I would suggest them to go to i2i without any second thought. I wish i2i to achieve success and create history in the funding domain.

    Vinoth Govindarajan
    Senior Analyst at WNS
  • Borrower

    I will recommend i2i to all those who are in need of money. Based on my experience, overall process of borrowing money from i2i is absolutely simple and quick. With their fast and easy online processing, I completed my application without any headache of physically visiting any branch and filling complex application forms.

    Jaspal Singh
    Content Writer
  • Borrower

    The service provided by i2i funding was impressive during complete personal loan process. Overall process was very smooth and I did not have to negotiate with multiple investors as they have fixed interest rate. I got clear information about the rates and charges applied in the loan. i2i is the best P2P platform and I would recommend it to all.

    Pankaj Nanda
  • Investor

    I was looking to invest around Rs. 1 lakh in investment products where I can get good returns. I came to know about i2i through newspapers. As soon as I registered as investor, someone from i2i called me and explained the complete process in detail. Investment process is very easy and anyone can do it. I am very happy with overall experience.

    Umesh Chand
    Senior Technical Lead at UEI

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